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The Hypnosis LibraryIn 2010 I opened a local brick and mortar hypnotherapy practice which eventually expanded to a global business working one-to-one with clients in multiples countries and serving many more through my hypnosis audios. As my focus shifted away from general hypnotherapy to my passion for business and mindset coaching, I eventually moved away from the hypnosis side of my private practice.

To date, people still reach out to me with appreciation for my various guided hypnosis audios on YouTube. So, I have decided to dig into my archive of hypnosis files and package them up in what I call the Hypnosis Library. It is a wide variety of hypnosis mp3s that I’d created during the time I was a general hypnotherapist. Since I have no desire to run a hypnosis eCommerce store any longer, but I would still love for my work to be of service, I have decided to offer the complete package to anyone who would find it beneficial for a donation amount of your choice. Simply pay what you feel the package is worth, what you can afford, or what you feel inspired to pay.

The audios are for personal use only and are not to be distributed, sold or used in anyway other than your personal use in accordance with our legal disclaimer and terms of service.





The Hypnosis Library contains 46 hypnosis mp3s for a variety of topics, including weight loss, confidence, overcoming fears and self-doubt, attracting prosperity/money, aligning with your soulmate, quit smoking, stop nail biting, end procrastination, improve sleep, stress relief, emotional wellbeing, spirituality and much more! 

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