Custom Made Hypnosis MP3


Custom Hypnosis MP3Do you have a specific challenge that you’d like to overcome? Perhaps you are familiar with hypnosis and would like to utilize this powerful technique to accomplish your goal … Why settle for a generic hypnosis audio when you can have a custom made hypnosis mp3 that touches on your unique challenges.

A Custom Made Hypnosis Audio is perfect for individuals who have previously used hypnosis audios or worked with a hypnotherapist. If you are new to hypnosis, then I recommend you experience an audio session first before ordering (you can access a variety of free guided hypnosis audios on my YouTube Channel).

How the process works: 

  • Decide what specific goal you have for the custom recorded audio. For instance, increase self-esteem, improve confidence, motivation to write your book, etc.
  • Order your Custom Audio.
  • Complete the Form following payment with details related to your Custom Audio. OR Send an email to – Subject Line: Guided Hypnosis Audio – Include information about your goal, the challenges that you have with regard to the goal, any beliefs you are aware of that create conflict with regard to the goal, and any other relevant information that will help me create an effective hypnosis session for you.
  • I will record your Custom Audio within 1 business week from the date you email me your information.
  • You will receive an email from me with a link to download your Custom Hypnosis MP3.


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Only $150 (Regularly $250)


Read Terms of Service Here – All Services are Non-Refundable unless services paid for are not rendered or both parties come to a mutual agreement to issue a refund in the case of a dispute. Your happiness is important to me… and so is my time. So only order if in good-faith you intend to use the audio as per our company Terms of Service.


Unique Benefits of a Custom Hypnosis Audio …

  • Similar to a private one-to-one session, but with more personal privacy, anonymity and convenience. I can create a highly custom tailored session based on your information without speaking to you over the phone.
  • Listen over and over, as many times as you need to get the results you want. Working with a therapist can require many costly sessions to achieve the desired result. A custom hypnosis audio allows you to listen to your hypnotherapy record as many times as needed without incurring additional cost for follow up sessions.
  • Order multiple audios to address different challenges or goals. Often, when working with a hypnotherapist, you will focus on one specific topic. Because Custom Hypnosis Audios are so affordable, you can order multiple audios to address different goals and challenges. While it is not advisable that you attempt to change too much all at once, you can safely and effectively work on multiple goals by alternating your hypnosis audios during your listening sessions.



These Recordings DELIVER!! More than you can consciously think so!!! !! Be prepared for the shift!!
– Marlene S., Customer

146 Ways Hypnosis Can Help You

(list provided by the Hypnosis Motivation Institute)

1. Self-Confidence
2. Motivation
3. Self-Image
4. Stress
5. Anger
6. Frustration
7. Worry
8. Guilt
9. Forgiveness
10. Nail Biting
11. Anxiety
12. Assertiveness
13. Public Speaking
14. Memory
15. Concentration
16. Lower Blood Pressure
17. Smoking
18. Stage Fright
19. Reach Goals
20. Procrastination
21. Change Habits
22. Improve Sales
23. Attitude Adjustment
24. Career Success
25. Exam Anxiety
26. Relationship Enhancement
27. Hair Twisting
28. Nausea
29. Surgical Recovery
30. Tardiness
31. Gambling
32. Performance Anxiety
33. Perfectionism
34. Lack of Initiative
35. Self-Expression
36. Helplessness
37. Hopelessness
38. Overly Critical
39. Negativism
40. Death or Loss

41. Weight Loss
42. Substance Abuse
43. Study Habits
44. Fears
45. Phobias
46. Insomnia
47. Pain Management
48. Sports
49. Stuttering
50. Fear of Dentist
51. Fear of Doctor
52. Fear of Surgery
53. Assist Healing
54. Impotency
55. Child Birth
56. Sexual Problems
57. Agoraphobia
58. Obsessions
59. Passive-Aggressive
60. Obsessive-Compulsive
61. Relaxation
62. Addictions
63. Improve Health
64. Bed Wetting
65. Sleep Disorders
66. Skin Problems
67. Medication Side Effects
68. Premature Ejaculation
69. Inhibition
70. Fear of Flying
71. Fear of Heights
72. Fear of Water
73. Fear of Animals
74. Communication
75. Self-Defeating Behaviors
76. Self-Criticism
77. Irritability
78. Pessimism
79. Controlling
80. Social Phobia

81. Panic Attacks
82. Temptation
83. Hypochondria
84. Self-Awareness
85. Aggression
86. Self-Esteem
87. Self-Blame
88. Hostility
89. Moodiness
90. Overeating
91. Age Regression
92. Past Life Regression
93. Irrational thoughts
94. Lack of Enthusiasm
95. Lack of Direction
96. Ulcers
97. Writers Block
98. Tics
99. Abandonment
100. Exercise
101. Cravings
102. Creativity
103. Trauma
104. Fear of School
105. Chronic Pain
106. Problem Solving
107. Hypertension
108. Resistance
109. Responsibility
110. Self-Forgiveness
111. Thumb Sucking
112. Stubborn
113. Irrational

114. Discouraged
115. Fear Loss of Control
116. Fear of Failure
117. Fear of Success
118. Lack of Ambition
119. Self-Control
120. Inferiority
121. Superiority
122. Jealousy
123. Rejection
124. Shame
125. Indecision
126. Resistance to Change
127. Self-Hypnosis
128. Restlessness
129. Sadness
130. Insecurity
131. Mistrust
132. Victimization
133. Anesthesia
134. Biofeedback
135. Presurgical
136. Postsurgical
137. Cramps
138. Gagging
139. Dreams
140. Nightmares
141. Headaches
142. Immune System
143. Fear of Death
144. Relaxation
145. Breathing
146. Self-Mastery