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Is Your Mental Conditioning Set for Success or Struggle?


Answer this question honestly: Are you as happy and successful as you want to be? If you answered No; if you feel stuck – your dreams and goals are not manifesting – you are not passionate about your life – or you are struggling with certain areas in your business, then your mental conditioning is holding you back. For many entrepreneurs there is a fear of selling, for others it is a lack of self-confidence, and for some it is knowing that you have more potential, yet continue to be blocked or stuck. All of these areas need to be addressed to be truly successful.

As a conscious entrepreneur, I know how challenging it can be to confidently sell yourself and/or your products and services in a way that feels congruent with your values. Especially when our society conditions us to have a negative association with ‘sales people’ or ‘rich people’ … even with ‘business people’. This is one area I’ve personally worked on over the years. I’ve also had the privilege of helping hundreds of 1:1 clients and thousands of individuals through my hypnosis audios to overcome fear of sales, public speaking, rejection, etc. and develop confidence in business … and life.

Maybe you just want to take your business to the next level? We all have a few doubts, fears, or insecurities that inhibit our growth… If you are not where you want to be, then you need to understand, there are subconscious beliefs and patterns that are creating your circumstances.

In order to achieve the highest level of success, joy, fulfillment and wealth you must recondition your mind with empowering beliefs and behaviors!

I know there are areas in your life or business where you continue to struggle… BUT … You CAN change your beliefs about yourself, your self-worth, your level of confidence, and develop more control over your thoughts and emotional states.

Would you like to feel more confident, charismatic, and motivated to take actions that will grow your business and increase your income? If so… read on. 


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If you have any of the following challenges, then this guided hypnosis program could help you :

  •  Feel like you need a breakthrough in your business.
  •  Not earning as much money as you want or need.
  •  Lack of consistency of new clients or customers or attracting clients that feel draining.
  •  Working too many hours without seeing an increase in revenue.
  •  Feeling resistance or fear to do things to grow your business.
  •  Losing passion for what once excited and inspired you.
  •  Find that you are procrastinating or feeling stuck.
  •  Feeling stressed and overwhelmed without a good support system.
  •  Trying to do everything in your business yourself.


These and many other challenges can keep business owners spinning their wheels, feeling tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed. This program has been developed to break through these challenges and create the essential mindset for increased success in business. Every hypnosis audio in this program has been tested by entrepreneurs – from start ups to well established already successful business owners of all types of businesses – and the feedback has been nothing short of awesome!


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“All success starts with your mental conditioning. Regardless of whether you are a professional athlete, famous actor/actress, or successful CEO, hypnosis is one of the single most effective methods to overcome fears and limiting beliefs. And create new beliefs and behaviors that help you achieve your goals!”

~ Alicia D. Cramer, C.Ht.


Here are just some of the topics covered in the Business Success Course:

  • Master the core traits of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Create a positive relationship with money and success.
  • Overcome fears of public speaking, cold calling, talking to potential partners, etc.
  • Maintain motivation, persistence, and commitment to your goals.
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm.
  • Increase your self-confidence.
  • Get clear and focused about how to grow your business and revenue.
  • Attract your ideal clients and customers (the ones who are happy to pay you!).





My Story….

I’d like to tell you why I developed this hypnosis audio program… Since my teens I knew I wanted to work for myself. My parents were (and still are) dairy farmers. Their entire life revolved around their business and “hard work”. I hated their lifestyle, but the one thing I really admired was that they worked for themselves. I started my first job when I was 12 years old. I worked 8 hour days during my summer vacations in a ginseng garden. At age 16 I worked at a factory job during my summer breaks. It was at that point that I realized how much I HATED working for someone else. I wanted to be my own boss.

That’s great right? My parents were technically entrepreneurs. I should be well on my way to success as a business owner… Now, there is a bit of a contradiction here because my parents were miserable and struggled with money. Money was the cause of violent fights and a lot of fear for me as a child. So when my entrepreneurial journey began at age 18 (an MLM business), it is no surprise that my subconscious programming sabotaged my strong desire to be a successful business owner.

At age 22 I kicked it up a notch and took some pretty costly and intensive training with internet marketing gurus Frank Kern and Shawn Casey. Business number 2 was born and it was an actual internet store front! My first real business (not MLM, although I do believe MLM can be an effective business model for some people). I worked about 10 hour days, 7 days a week to make that business work. I was obsessed with success. Yet it inevitably led to bankruptcy which was emotionally devastating.

Why? I worked so hard!
If you have ever gone through something similar, then you know the deep-rooted fear of failure I was going through. However, I still had this dream of owning my own business. It was a dream I just could not let go of. Like you… I did not know it was my own mind that was sabotaging me.

I was brought up to believe that making money was hard. And that is exactly what I was creating.

At age 25 (back in 2006) I decided to try at business again. This time I was really passionate about the service I offered. It wasn’t just about being self-employed anymore. See, I had recently gone through a traumatic event that led me to alternative healing. One night while out with my girlfriends I was given a date-rape drug and was physically and sexually assaulted. The fear I felt afterward was paralyzing. Yet, the very experience that was my rock bottom became the catalyst to seek out the techniques I now use to help thousands of people each year transform their lives. The amazing healing transformation I experienced first hand from EFT (emotional freedom techniques), Hypnotherapy, Body Talk, Quantum Touch, and Metaphysics became my life purpose. It was my calling. I just knew it. And I wanted to believe that the universe would support me this time. So I started my first healing practice as an EFT Practitioner.

I had moderate success, but I knew nothing about running a successful business. Eventually, I had to get a JOB to help pay the bills and my dreams were drifting further and further away. I was still able to work with clients part-time which kept the dream alive. But I wasn’t fulfilled.

Creator of Business Success CourseThen the most significant life changing event happened… I got pregnant. And that was the catalyst that forced me to MAKE IT WORK THIS TIME! I was 28 and managing a cell phone store. The hours were erratic and the job was too demanding for me to raise my baby the way I wanted to. I just could not accept the idea of someone else raising my son while I worked at a job I didn’t even like. I had to do something. And that also meant I had to face my fears of failing again. It was not easy and I knew I had to do it right this time. That meant learning how to run a successful business.

I knew I was a healer and a helper. My passion for health started very young. By age 18 I had a diploma in Fitness and Nutrition. Later I acquired training and certification in a variety of healing modalities. But it was my fascination – perhaps a bit of an obsession – with conditioning my mind for success that led to advanced hypnotherapy training. I used every technique I could learn to overcome my fears, old limiting beliefs, and create the mindset needed to succeed. And as they say, “the rest was history”.


Alicia Cramer Success


I hit the ground running and had instant success in my offline practice. Since my first official hypnotherapy client January of 2010, I have helped hundreds of clients one-on-one and reached thousands with my audio products. I continue to this day (and probably will for the rest of my life) learning about maximizing our potential for happiness and success. It is my passion and my life purpose. And now I am able to help people like you achieve greater levels of success by connecting with your passion, your purpose and developing the optimal mindset for wealth and happiness.


“Alicia has become The Go-To Hypnotherapist and Mindset Expert for Entrepreneurs.”

 Mindset Expert and Business Coach

Which brings me back to why I created this audio program. I have two passions: entrepreneurship and empowering others. The culmination of those two passions as well as my knowledge and skills are in this program. I want you to succeed because that is me fulfilling my purpose. It is a win-win and that is the way I do business. If this program resonates with you, then you owe it to yourself to take your success to the next level! I know you will benefit from program, if you give it a fair chance, and if you are a conscious individual you will know in your heart if this is right for you. You can have instant access now for the low low price of $97. If you were to work with me one-on-one the same processes would cost you thousands of dollars. Get access now by clicking the add to cart button below.


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Get instant access to the Business Success Course NOW for Only $49! (Regularly $97.)
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What you get when you purchase the program:
15+ Powerful Hypnosis Audios all unique and specifically formulated for overcoming fears, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotage – Replacing old negative habits and actions with new positive success traits, including thoughts, feelings, and behaviors for wealth, confidence, success, happiness, and more. The audios are recorded using advanced brainwave technology that automatically enters your mind into the optimum state for conditioning. A powerful combination of hypnosis and subliminal messages are utilized to maximize effectiveness.

Business Success Course Hypnosis Audio ProgramHere are some of the transformational audios in this program…  

Foundations of Success 1 and 2 (Creating Core Success Traits and Activating Wealth Consciousness)

Staying Committed (Reinforcing Your Motivation, Commitment, Self-Disciple, and Goal Attainment)

Eliminate Fears (Overcome Your Old Fears of Success & Failure, Creating Powerful Self-Confidence, and Trust)

Connecting With Your Ideal Clients and Customer (Gain Clarity about Your Target Market and Attract Clients and Customers You Love to Serve)

Advanced Success Conditioning (Powerful Success Conditioning Audio recording with Gamma Frequencies)

Master Cold Calling (Overcome Fear of Calling Clients, Prospects, JV Partners and Create Natural Rapport Easily)

Confident Public Speaking (Overcome Fear of Public Speaking and Master the Art of Working the Room)

Authentic Sales Mastery (Overcome Fear of Sales – Turn Selling into Serving Your Clients in Ways that Feel Good)

Confident and Charismatic Networking (Break Free from Anxiety about Networking Events – Master Your Introduction)

Plus, you also get Guided Hypnosis Audios for… Stress Relief, Overcome Fear of Rejection, Create Your Dream Life, Motivation to Achieve Your Goals and Increase Self-Confidence!
hypnosis and mindset bonuses

Incredible Bonuses: FREE Access to mp3s from The Vault (Money Bundle) Hypnosis Audios and Wealth Creation Resources! ($37 Value)
Audios Include: Wealth Mindset, Clear Money Blocks, The Strangest Secret, and more…

eBooks Include: Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons, Think and Grow Rich, and Becoming a Wealthy Woman

And if that wasn’t enough to give your mindset a success boost … I am also including my Mini EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Video Training with helpful Tapping Scripts to Overcome Fears, Insecurities, and other Business Related Challenges! ($49 Value)

 Business Success Course Testimonial


.Get instant access to the Business Success Course NOW for Only $49! (Regularly $97.)

 Add Hypnosis to Cart
I am confident that you will benefit from this program. I offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and you are welcome to request a refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason. I trust that if you feel connected to a conscious approach to business, then you will love this program. I look forward to helping you achieve the success you deserve!

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 Business Success Course Testimonial
Business Coach & HypnotherapistTo your success, wealth, and fulfillment!
Alicia D. Cramer, C.Ht.
Creator of the Business Success Course
Hypnosis Audio Program
Author of Hypnosis for Success
and The “Outside the Box” Entrepreneur
Business Success Course Testimonial

Fun Facts About Hypnosis! 

Fact: Experts say that almost everyone can be hypnotized!

Fact: No one (including a hypnotherapist) can make you do or change anything you do not want to. Ultimately, you are the one in control during hypnosis.

Fact: Everyone goes into states of hypnosis every single day.

Fact: You are going into a hypnotic state when you watch movies and even TV (better make sure you are putting good stuff in your brain!)

Fact: Even people who don’t feel like they are hypnotized during hypnosis usually are and experience benefits.

Fact: Repetition is one of the most effective way to create significant changes in your mental conditioning.

Fact: Hypnotherapy is used by lots of famous people – have some fun and do a Google search on it!

Business Success Course Testimonial